First day in London!

I made it to London safely yesterday and am now finishing my second day of adventures. Yesterday I took the tube straight to Pax Lodge from the airport, which was about a two hour journey. I met my roommates, Di and Andrea, who were both very nice. They only stayed Monday, but Di will be back Friday since she’s volunteering at the games (yepp, the Olympic ones). They both went to the rehearsal of the opening ceremonies and said it was amazing.

As for me, I took a tour of Pax Lodge. A family with twins was also on my tour and they were so cute! One of the girls, Charlotte, asked me to hold her hand the whole time. They just flew up to brownies! The tour was pretty interesting and it was cool to see Pax’s origins and how they are fulfilling the goals of Girl Scouts.

After that I grabbed dinner at Costa and went to Regents Park to see an outdoor performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The park and theatre were beautiful. The performance was pretty good, too. Definitely different than any other version I’ve seen. They kept the whole script, but the sets and clothes and some added scenes were modem. The end involved a medley of a bunch of current songs which seemed out of place, but was still fun.

Pax Lodge

Open Air Theatre


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