Behind the Gates of Buckingham Palace!

So yesterday I got to stand inside the gates of Buckingham Palace during the changing of the guard (which not many people are allowed to do)!

One of my roommates, Kathy, is leading a troop from Ann Arbor and she arranged for them to stand inside the gates. Apparently there is an application process and only girl scouts and boy scouts are allowed to do it. I had been planning on going to the changing of the guard, too, so Kathy tried to get me in with her troop. The only problem was that they are very strict about being in uniform, and I didn’t bring mine with me. But the guard was very nice and let me in anyway! (When he let us in he said, “The Queen has just put on the kettle!”. So cute!)

Being inside the gates was really cool and also kind of frightening since there were hundreds of people on the other side looking at us! The guards would say hello to us quietly as they passed within inches of us, and we got to touch Buckingham Palace! They played a medley of music, from We Are The Champions to Hello Dolly, and it was really fun.

After that I made my way across the river and saw the Tower Bridge all decked out for the Olympics! I walked along the river to the Tate Modern museum, which was kind of weird but interesting. You first enter into a bridge that overlooks a huge stark room. There was a crowd of people walking like zombies from one side to the other over and over. I guess it was a performance piece?

Then I briefly stopped by Shakespeare’s Globe and St. Paul’s Cathedral before riding a double decker bus to Leadenhall Market for dinner. It’s a cute arcade full of restaurants that was supposedly inspiration for Diagon Alley.

Other than that, I witnessed a woman eat two whole packs of tic-tacs on the tube on the way back, which was either an interesting cultural difference, or she really needed to freshen her breath!

Anyways, I’m off to watch the Olympic ceremonies with everyone at the lodge now! More later!

Olympic mascot! They are everywhere!

Tower Bridge!

Leadenhall Market


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