I’m on my second day at Oxford now and it’s really great! I had orientation yesterday and met my ‘tutor’ and classmates. Everyone is really nice and from all different parts of the world. I’ve met people from Germany, France, Denmark, Ukraine, Ireland, Australia, Luxembourg, and more!

We eat all of our meals in the Hall, which the Great Hall in the Harry Potter films is modeled after! The food is great, too! We have class in the mornings, with a coffee break in between, and sometimes in the afternoon, too. My tutor even took us to the pub last night after our info session! It’s been very busy, but lots of fun!

I had a chance to walk around the city a bit yesterday and I was surprised at how busy and commercial it was. It’s basically a huge shopping city with Oxford colleges placed in different spots. The shops are pretty modern, but all of the architecture is very old and the colleges are completely closed off. Most of them you have to pay just to go inside the gates.

Today I had my first class and then we had a tour around my college, Christ Church, to see the places relating to Lewis Carroll when he taught here. Then after dinner we played croquet in the master’s garden. It was lots of fun, but really hard!

Tomorrow I already have to give a research presentation to my class, so I’m going to go get ready for that!






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