Caturday #3: Book Buddies

Two participants of the Book Buddies program. Image courtesy of

What’s better than books and cats? Reading books to cats, of course! The Animal Rescue League of Berks County in Pennsylvania has found a way to keep their cats happy, while encouraging children to read. They offer a Book Buddies program, where children ages 1 – 8 can come and read to the cats in the adoption room. I wish I were young enough to participate!

I think the program is really great because it helps kids practice reading and gives the cats some company. According to the organization’s website, research has shown that human-animal interaction can make the learning process more enjoyable for children because animals offer a supportive and non-judgmental presence (although they probably can’t help with pronunciation!).

Do you know of any other organizations that have similar programs? I’ve looked around, but it seems like the program at the ASL of Berks County is one of a kind… If you have some spare change, you can donate to the shelter here!


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