Book Challenge Day 2: A Book Read More Than Thrice

Yesterday I started the 30-Day Book Challenge, and I’m still going strong on Day 2! Today’s prompt is: A book that you’ve read more than three times.

sorcerer's stone cover

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I’m going to warn you now: the Harry Potter series is going to show up several times before this book challenge is over. Those books embody everything I love about literature, and they basically defined my whole childhood (and young adulthood).

So, unsurprisingly, a book that I’ve read more than 3 times is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I was first introduced to Harry Potter when my third grade teacher read the book aloud to us during “story time.” Everyone in my class loved it so much that once she finished it the book was passed among my classmates while our teacher tried to keep us interested with other fantasy books such as The Hobbit. Eventually, she just read Sorcerer’s Stone to us again! I read the book at least 4 times in 1999 alone, and several more times since then.

I think the book lends itself to re-readings because it’s short but full of depth and excitement. Every time I read it I find something new to love, or a subtle detail that hints to a development in the later books. Its themes are also timeless: I can always connect with something in the book, no matter how old I am when reading it.

I’m sure I will never get sick of reading Sorcerer’s Stone. Just writing this makes me want to read it again! Let me know in the comments if there is a book you love to read over and over again, and I’ll check it out!


One thought on “Book Challenge Day 2: A Book Read More Than Thrice

  1. Haha, I think I’ve read this book once a year since I was 11! It never gets old!

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