Book Challenge Day 15: Favorite Male Character


hans and liesel
I can’t believe I’m halfway through the 30-Day Book Challenge! Honestly, I didn’t think I’d follow through with it when I started, but it’s been fun. Today’s prompt is “favorite male character.” I was realllllly tempted to pick Hagrid from the Harry Potter series; I absolutely love his huge heart. But I’ve written enough about Harry Potter the last few days, so instead I picked a character from another one of my favorite books, The Book Thief. That character is Hans Hubermann.

Hans actually has some things in common with Hagrid. He was a father figure to an orphaned child, was a bit of an outcast (he was a German who did not want to join the Nazi party), and he helped others even when it put himself in danger. He truly cared about his wife, his adopted daughter Liesel, and the Jewish man he was hiding in his basement. And even though he was living in very tough times, he kept a sense of humor throughout the novel.

I can still hear his voice in my head because it was so compelling. And I loved him so much that I want to call hi

m “Papa” just like Liesel did. He was smart, kind, and complex. He knew that what was being done to the Jews was wrong, but he was scared that his family would be hurt from his anti-Nazi viewpoint. I love characters who are multi-dimensional, but good at heart. And Hans is definitely one of those characters.

Who is your favorite male character? And, out of curiosity, do you think his maleness matters? Would you still love the character if he were a woman in the book?


One thought on “Book Challenge Day 15: Favorite Male Character

  1. Hans was definitely my favorite character in the Book Thief! You’re right he is very multi dimensional and just a great guy.

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