Book Challenge Day 20: Favorite Romance Book

I don’t read many romance books. I mean, I like books with romance in them, but usually the romance is not the most important aspect of the story. I enjoy books that let the romantic tension build behind the action and make you wait for the characters to get together. Which is why I am choosing The Princess Bride as my favorite romance book.

I actually have not read this book for several years and desperately owe it a reread. But I love it because it’s action-packed, romantic, and satirical at the same time. It is a classic fairy tale that makes fun of classic fairy tales. Buttercup and Westley are the two young lovers who spend much of the novel fighting with one another and for one another. The book has princes, criminals, frightening creatures, and magicians. The whole thing is ridiculous but captivating at the same time. It’s a great recipe for a romance that’s much more than a romance.

And, of course, it provided one of the most classic literature lines of all time:


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