Fat Cat Meets Fine Art

Happy Caturday, everyone! Two things I love most in this world are art and orange cats. I minored in art history and my family has a long tradition of owning orange cats. So I absolutely love the combination of the two on this website. The artist (perhaps more than one) goes by “Zarathustra the Cat” and photoshops a large orange cat into classic paintings. I think it’s absolutely hilarious. Who knew a cat could be such a “mews”? (Sorry about that.) But really, these paintings are both ridiculous and beautiful. Here are some of my favorites:

Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa

Michelangelo, The Creation of cAt-dam

Velazquez, Venus in Furs

Find the rest (there are a ton) here!



One thought on “Fat Cat Meets Fine Art

  1. This is so funny. I would love a huge orange cat like that in my paintings:)

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