Book Challenge Day 23: Not Yet Read

1984 coverToday’s prompt for the 30-Day Book Challenge is a book I have wanted to read for a long time, but haven’t yet. My to-read pile is always huge, so it was not hard to find a book to write about. But now I must admit that I have never read 1984.


I know that I can’t read every book in the world, but since I majored in English I still feel bad that I haven’t read some of the classics. I have lists upon lists of books that I want to read, but usually the classics end up at the bottom (with the exception of Gone With The Wind, which I dedicated an entire summer to). It’s always so much more tempting to read something current that everyone is talking about. But I know it’s impossible to keep up with the endless stream of books being published, so I have been trying to alternate between contemporary and classic books.

I already know the gist of 1984, as probably almost everyone does, so maybe I feel like I don’t really have to read it. But I still want to see what all the fuss is about. And I usually like science fiction, so I think I’d enjoy it. Anyway, hopefully I will get around to it someday and will be actually know what I’m talking about when I reference Big Brother.

What’s a book that’s been on your to-read list forever but you haven’t gotten around to?


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