Book Challenge Day 24: A Lesser-Read Book Rec

This week has been a little crazy and I’ve fallen a bit behind on my 30-Day Book Challenge posts. But I’m SO CLOSE to the end I can taste it, so I’m going to push through my exhaustion and keep going! Today’s prompt is: A book that you wish more people would’ve read.

I’m really not sure if The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles is a popular book, but I haven’t heard it mentioned a lot. The book was written by Julie Andrews (yes, she is a perfect person AND an author), and is a whimsical tale about a far-off land created by the last Whangdoodle. Whangdoodles were once the “wisest, kindest, and most extraordinary” creatures in the world. But now there is just one left, and the Potter children (Lindy, Tom, and Ben) have set out to find him.

I loved this book so much as a child. I truly believed in Whangdoodle land, and my friends and I would spend our afternoons trying to get there. This is the perfect book if you’re looking for something fantastical and fun to bring out your inner child. It has a boat that runs on on jokes (The Jolly Boat), a soda fountain that gives you whatever sundae you’d like, and a host of magically endearing creatures. It’s probably what kick-started my love for fantasy books when I was young.

What is a book that you wish more people would read?


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