Coffee, cats, and cuddles

‘Cat time’ cafe in Osaka. Dave Tacon/Al Jazeera.

Sometimes the perfect way to de-stress is to settle down with a cup of coffee and a cute cat. But not everybody has the money, space, or time for a cat. Which is why the cat café has become so popular.

Never heard of a cat café? It’s basically a café that also has lots of cats! In addition to paying for food, patrons can pay an hourly fee to play with the cats. There are typically rules governing the interaction with the cats, and the employees are trained on how to take care of them.

Image from

The first such café opened in Taiwan in 1998, and the craze spread to Japan. In the past year, cat cafés have been springing up all over Europe, including London, Paris, Berlin, and Budapest. There are also several cat cafés being planned for California.

Cat in a London cafe. Sang Tan/The Associated Press.

I think it’s a great way to take care of homeless cats as well as petless people. Many people who live in apartments are not allowed to have pets, and these cafés give them a chance to have some feline interaction. What better way to wind down and enjoy your coffee than with a furry friend on your lap? If I had a cat café nearby, I’d be there all the time!


2 thoughts on “Coffee, cats, and cuddles

  1. Toronto is finally getting one, there are lots of very excited people including myself. Glad to see them growing in popularity 🐱

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