Sunbathing Cuties: 10 Cats Who are Lovin’ the Sun

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring in Michigan, which means I’m spending all of my free time soaking up the sunshine. It’s times like these when I get jealous of cats, who can just sprawl out in any patch of sunlight and absorb the warmth. My cat could squeeze himself into pretty much any space (the windowsill, a box on the floor) just to catch a ray. So, in honor of the beautiful weather, here are 10 cats who will brighten up your Caturday:


Couldn’t wake him up if you tried.


I wonder what this guy’s dreaming about?


What a nice plant.


All the perks of a beach, sans the water!


Trying to get a tan? Looks like it needs some work!


What more can I say?


I’m seeing a trend of orange cats….


Perhaps laying in the sun is how they get so bright!


The happiest cat in the world, probably.


My life motto.

Don’t these guys make you want to hit the beach and get some Vitamin D? I don’t know about you, but I’m off to find my sunscreen…


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