Cats Taking a Swim

Most cats love laps, but not the kind you do in a pool. But yesterday I saw some gifs on Tumblr of a cat happily swimming in a bathtub (see below). I thought it was SO CUTE, so I decided to look for some more cats who aren’t afraid to get their feet wet. There aren’t too many it seems, but here are some I found:



Prinny loves to swim!

This cat swims in a rehabilitation pool to regain use of his legs after a car accident.

This cat also uses hydrotherapy!

What cuties! Maybe the “doggy paddle” needs a new cat-friendly name! Do you know of any cats who love to swim? Let me know in the comments. And as always, have a great Caturday!

[P.S. here’s a bonus video of a cat doing some laps in a swimming pool!]



2 thoughts on “Cats Taking a Swim

  1. This just made my Saturday night so much better! How adorable!

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