Adorable Cat Superheroes

My Caturday post is a bit belated this weekend, since I had a very busy day yesterday. I volunteered with a local cat rescue group, celebrated my friend’s birthday and graduation, and saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The movie got me thinking, if people can be superheroes, why can’t cats? Well, it turns out that when cats aren’t sleeping or eating, many of them are moonlighting as some fierce and furry heroes. Check them out below:

1. The Flying Fluff. Known for stunning his enemies with his irresistible cuteness. / Via Reddit: eljue/ Lindsey Robertson

2. Batcat. Defending the city from criminal catastrophe, one catnip plant at a time.


3. And his sidekick, Robin the Kitten Wonder.



4. SuperCat. Fighting feline injustice everywhere. / Via Reddit: True_Story_/ Lindsey Robertson

5. The Mighty Meow. On the outside, a harmless kitten. On the inside, a fierce tiger.


6. And finally, this cat who doesn’t even need a costume to look like Batman.

Don’t you feel a little bit safer knowing that these kitty crusaders are here to save the day? I know I do!

Disclaimer: I am not endorsing dressing up your pet, especially in capes that could be a choking hazard (most of the above capes were photoshopped).


2 thoughts on “Adorable Cat Superheroes

  1. Oh my gosh the level of cuteness in this post is through the roof! ❤ I'm super excited to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as well! I hope it lives up to the first one!

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