What I’m Reading: The New York Trilogy

I haven’t been writing about books much lately, sadly because I haven’t been reading much. I recently started a new full-time job, and I’m usually too tired when I get home to read. This is especially true because I’m reading The New York Trilogy, which isn’t exactly a beach read. That isn’t to say it’s bad—Paul Auster is one of my favorite authors because he makes me think about what I’m reading.

So far I’m enjoying the first installment of the short trilogy, City of Glass, but not as much as other Auster works I’ve read. Auster’s typical themes of lost language and doubles and meta narratives are present in the book and it’s almost overdone. Auster is a great writer, but I feel like he writes about the same things much of the time.

On the up side, I do love the themes he writes about. He has such an interesting way of thinking about language and twisting the relationship between writers and their characters (one of the characters in the book is named Paul Auster). It’s obvious while reading the book that Auster is a very intelligent man, which is enjoyable but also irritating. His ideas are fascinating, yet he puts them in the mouths of his characters in long monologues. I feel like Auster’s voice comes through too much in the novel, and it’s not believable that these are the characters’ ideas instead of his. But, like I already mentioned, Auster is very meta, so maybe he meant it to be that way.

Anyway, I’m slowly making my way through this admittedly short book and just wanted to write some thoughts on it… Hopefully I’ll be able to defeat the fatigue of corporate life soon and get back to regularly reading!


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