Missing Cat Comes Home After 13 Years

Here’s a feel-good story to wrap up another beautiful Caturday.

One day a cat named Shelby went missing from her home in St. Albans Park, Geelong, Australia. The family had no idea where she went, but a few days ago she turned up in their front yard. Thirteen years after she had gone missing!

Shelby’s owner was not sure it was the same cat at first, but after comparing her markings to an old photo of Shelby, it became clear her long lost cat had finally returned home. Shelby had a checkup with the vet, as she had clearly been living outdoors and wasn’t in the best shape. She’s now settled in with her family again. Shelby is older than all of her owner’s children!

But this isn’t the first time a cat has found its owner after being separated. This cat walked 190 miles back home after running away while on vacation with her family.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about Shelby’s miraculous return.



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