Book Review: This Star Won’t Go Out

I never got to meet Esther Earl, but I feel like I just spent the past few days with her. Esther was an enthusiastic and loving girl who passed away from thyroid cancer at the age of 16. Before she died, she inspired people everywhere to make the world more awesome. One of these people was the author John Green, who wrote The Fault in Our Stars in her memory.

Esther dreamed of becoming a published author, and at the beginning of 2014 she finally got her wish posthumously. After being diagnosed with cancer, this strong girl decided to write extensively about her feelings. Her parents compiled Esther’s journal entries, letters, blog posts, and drawings into a book called This Star Won’t Go Out. It’s a very special book, and I’m going to try and explain why it was so touching.

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Book Challenge Day 29: Love Amongst Hate

Today’s penultimate 30-Day Book Challenge prompt is a tricky one: a book everyone hated but you liked. I don’t read many books that are hated by a lot of people. I tend to follow the crowd and read ones that are well-loved. I can’t even think of a book that I’ve read that many people disliked. But there is one that many of my friends did not like, even though I enjoyed it: Sisterhood Everlasting.

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Book Review: Insurgent

Ugh. I believed in you, Veronica Roth. I was captivated by the world you created in Divergent, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Insurgent. But now I’m trying to understand how you turned something so enjoyable into something so frustrating. I finished reading Insurgent last night and all that came to mind was: ugh.

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