Book Review: Between Shades of Gray

No, this book is not related in any way to Fifty Shades of Grey (although perhaps it should have been given a different name). Between Shades of Gray is actually an emotional and traumatic tale of a Lithuanian girl living in a Soviet labor camp during World War II. It has all of the elements of a great YA novel, with the added impact of an important historical message.

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What Should I Read Next?

Recently I won a $100 gift card for Penguin books, which is about the greatest thing that can happen to a book nerd like me. I didn’t have a hard time finding books to spend the money on, but now the hard part is choosing which book to read first! Here are my options:


1. The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster

2. Orkneyinga Saga (I’m a nerd for Viking history)

3. The Time Machine and The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells

4. The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson

5. Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys

6. The Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson (sequel to The Name of the Star)

7. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

8. This Star Won’t Go Out by the late Esther Earl and her parents.

Are there any books on this list you would particularly recommend? Or any that you would like to see me read and review? Let me know below!